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Pink Honor Roll

Pink Honor Roll is a special program for Race for the Cure fundraising.  This energetic and dedicated group of individuals go above and beyond to raise awareness and funds for Susan G. Komen Northwest NC.  They are recognized each year at our local Race for the Cure for their outstanding work and dedication to our mission.

How do you make the Pink Honor Roll?

Be one of the top 10 fundraisers in the following categories:

  • Individuals that raise a minimum of $1,000
  • Teams that raise a minimum of $3,000
  • Organization/Corporations  a minimum of $5,000

Need tips on how to increase your fundraising efforts so you can be a part of this amazing group?

  1. Use social media. For example, ask each of your Facebook friends to donate $5. Most of us have hundreds of Facebook friends. You could also use Instagram or Twitter in the same respect.
  2. Host an event or fundraiser to benefit Komen Northwest NC. Last year, many people hosted a dinner, wine tasting, bake sale, or other event for a donation. Get creative!
  3. Feed the Pig, Fund a Mammogram. Pick up Pink Pigs at our office for a donation of $5 each.  Give them to friends and family or put them out at your office or local businesses. Collect the funds periodically.
  4. Create your own t-shirt and sell them for a donation to your fundraising efforts.

2014 Pink Honor Roll Recipents


Cindy Calvert - $5,768.00
Judy McGill - $5,235.31
Will Blackwell - $3,626.78
Jen Memory - $3,359.00
Alesha Smith - $3,245.00
Annie Kendall - $3,123.00
Valerie Fields - $2,738.10
Ann Berlin - $2,042.00
Christine Braa- $1,769.00
Mary T. Perkins- $1,760.39


Flying Squirrels - $15,609.78
Savannah's Cure Bears - $5,528.31
Pink Gem - $5,365.00
Fabulous Fearless Fighters - $4,789.39
The Pit Lizards - $4,789.00
Angel's Team - $4,366.81
Team Allegacy - $4,165.42
The Rack Pack - $4,111.00
Team Pinky - $3,982.67
Jen Memory - $3,969.00

Organizations / Corporations:

Wake Forest Baptist Health -$8,911.00
PepsiCo - $6,506.22

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